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May 2

Vision Declaration - Brittanie


We are transitioning & aligning with the vision. God will provide supernatural provision. The Grace of God, which is the supernatural divine ability and favor given to man to do, to be and to become will be upon our business and ministry to bring the vision to pass. Our enemies will fight amongst each other, taking each other out. We do not have to even lift a finger in the battle (2 Chronicles 20:22). The key to unlocking this is to give God all of the praise and worship Him with everything in us. Submit fully to our spiritual authority, which is our Pastor and Leader. Pray the Blessings of Abraham over the business and ministry which include: intellectual property to accumulate wealth; a God given/appointed name (Greene & Burdette Property Management & Full Counsel of Christ Ministries); outlandish and extraordinary favor; real-estate & property; and unparalleled performance (6 Sigma business model). Pray the 6 Sigma anointing over the business and ministry, which represents unparalleled and near perfect performance. Our name will be great and bring great Glory to God!