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Dec 23, 2018

Christ Must


Edited: Dec 23, 2018

The world has gotten so lost in the commercialization and political correctness of the season that it has tried to replace Christmas with “Xmas” and “Happy Holidays”, essentially taking Christ out of the hearts and minds. It has even made the most famous figure a fat man climbing down a chimney in a red suit. In the process, we have forgotten that Christmas is not about getting gifts and singing songs of yuletide and cheer. It is about the birth and celebration of Christ. Of course, Christ is about giving, love and joy. Unfortunately, the world has perverted this into what we see today. Let us not forget that:

Christ Must

Be the season’s reason

The greatest gift given

His blood shed for us

Christ Must

Be the provided guide

The heart’s charity

In His love we trust

Christ Must

Be the soul’s joy

A spiritual supper

The world receives

Christ Must

Be the wrapping comfort

Nourishing the spirit

With all wants and needs

Christ Must

Be the enlighten warmth

Blessed in kindness

Gracious being in His glory

Christ Must

Be the elated faces

Smiles shining bright

Celebrating His story.


Written by: Dederick Scott

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  • Dederick
    Jun 9, 2018

    Welcome, the grandest mom A vessel of God’s love and strength. Stand tall amongst the angels. Grace them with the presence of your essence. Remembrance of your journey Will live on through four generations. Each heartbeat that we keep Is a tribute to your celebration. No worry or fear here my dear. Only smiles as you sneak peeks beyond the clouds. Enjoy peace in your piece of heaven Embrace the warmth of God’s palm. You gave your any and everything To any and every one. As riverboat lights brighten the nights, Memories of your grin illuminates the mind. Granddad’s Booney, Your legacy is going to be fine. Written by: Dederick Scott
  • Dederick
    Jun 9, 2018

    The silliness of the world Has entered His house. His children’s hearts Are scattered about. Competition, envy, Exclaim, and complain Before the start. Suffering together. Prospering apart. Pimping God. Steadfast to iniquities, But weary in His word. I got mines. Now, you get yours. Gifted with potential, Yet blessings never grow. Hidden light Eased by the shadows. While the world goes Malnourished of a dream, Addicted to riches. Faith weeps As sheep pasture the green. Holding down my head Cause I’m no better. I too lose sight Of what truly matters. Caught up in the hustle and bustle Of chasing delusions. Treading through the mudded waters. Partaking in the confusion. When all’s awry, I cry. Ashamed of the predicament. Realizing it’s all gone wrong. We’ve become God’s embarrassment. Let life breathe hope, joy and peace into your existence. Written by: Dederick Scott
  • Dederick
    Jun 9, 2018

    Arrogantly speaking to the masses As if no one was paying attention. Thinking the people were ignorant to the fact Of the things that were aforementioned. Preaching teachings of things He could no way know what he was talking about. Elaborately speaking words As if they were coming out of Jesus’s mouth. Yet, the grievance was there. You can tell by the stare in the mass’s faces. Disgusted at what their ears were hearing. And yeah, he was fearing. Cause lies, no one chases. The nerve of this character Bashing spirits as if that was what he was pursuing. Shocked minds sitting still. Lost at what he was doing. Damn, Lucifer plays the game raw. Sending this demon wrapped in preachers clothing. There’s got to be a law These are souls this man’s toting. Written by: Dederick Scott